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See below for some of our most commonly asked questions. If your query isn’t covered, please contact us.

Buying Online

I want to buy online but have some queries?

You can talk to any one of our sales team for more information - email us, live chat or give us a call.

I would like to amend or cancel my order


Please see our Terms & Conditions page, however we would like to try and help you before you cancel your order, so please contact your Sales Executive to discuss this further. If you would like to amend your order you can speak to your Sales Executive and they will happily process any amendments to your order.

How secure is your online deposit process?


We use a secured verified payment provider which utilises encrypted software protecting your card payment details. We do not store any of your card details.

Can I amend my collection day after I have placed my order?


Please speak to our sales team as soon as possible to review options.


How do I get my finance settlement?


We can help you with this. If your vehicle is funded through either BMW Group Financial Services, Santander UK PLC, MotoNovo Finance Limited we will be able to obtain this figure for you, however if funded through another financial source you will need to obtain this figure. Please speak to one of our sales team for further information and who will be happy to help.

I have some questions regarding financing my purchase who should I speak to?


We would be happy to talk to you regarding any questions you have about financing your vehicle purchase. One of our sales team can be contacted by email or simply give us a call.

Part Exchange

Can I use your part exchange online tool to request a valuation of my bike?


Unfortunately at this time we are only able to give an online part exchange estimate on cars, however our experienced BMW Motorrad team can supply you with a personal valuation on your bike. Please contact us by either one of our contact us forms, live chat or simply call us.

Can I use my part exchange as my deposit for my car or bike purchase?


Yes, you can use your part exchange as all or part of your deposit towards your vehicle purchase. However, if there is outstanding finance on your part exchange this will have to be settled by us as part of the transaction. Any amount left after settlement of your finance can be used towards your deposit.

What happens if my part exchange is worth more than the car or bike I want to purchase?


If your vehicle is valued more than the car or bike you would like to purchase and there is no outstanding finance on it, we will happily give you back the difference. This would be paid to you after taking delivery of your new vehicle.

Is the valuation you give me for my part exchange guaranteed?


Yes, assuming you have described your part exchange accurately, answered all the questions correctly and read our terms and conditions regarding part exchange your value will be guaranteed.

Can I remove my part exchange from my order at any time?


Yes, you can remove your part exchange from your order at any time prior to your vehicle handover. You will though have to allow for any adjustment in your quotation if your part exchange was being used towards your deposit.

Can I part exchange two vehicles as part of my order?


Yes, if both the vehicles are owned by you, or you have the permission of the owner to use the vehicle as part of your order. Our sales team will be able to help you in this scenario.

Free & Fast ONLINE CAR VALUATION When selling or part-exchanging, it is essential to know what your vehicle is worth in order to get the best price. *Please note we can only give valuations on cars. Please speak to a member of our team for your bike valuation.