Here at Vines Group we are incredibly proud of our inclusive, “family-feel” culture and that’s only made possible by the continuous feedback from our employees. Feedback is valued from all avenues and at all levels to ensure we make Vines the best place to work for our motivated and passionate people. We believe its important our staff can bring their whole selves to work and if we look after our people they will look after our customers, this is what drives our success year on year.

Employee feedback is gathered via various methods and our employee survey conducted through Peakon is a great measure of our group’s engagement. Some of the highlights of our October 2022 survey is a whopping 93% participation rate and an overall score of 8.9 out of 10.0 putting us in the top 5% of businesses within a similar grouping and category, measured by Peakon.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, here is some stats from our latest survey.

Goal Setting & Communication

9.5 / 10

“Clear expectations are set out from my manager which is great as it allows me to perform”

“Always encouragement to go above and beyond too. Not just for the good of the business but for me personally too”

Environment – Informal space

9.2 / 10

“Vines have gone above and beyond to make these spaces to chat and relax”

“Yes we have lovely areas to go and relax and they're always clean!!!”

“never worked anywhere as committed to employee satisfaction and workplace enjoyment”

Management support & Openness

9.2 / 10

My manager has great communication skills and listens really well. This makes for a fabulous working relationship”

“Most supportive and easy to talk to manager I’ve had, but also most professional”

Growth – Mentoring

9.0 / 10

"I’ve always felt I have different skills and attributes I could apply to my workplace outside of my usual job and my manager has encouraged me to use these skills over the last few months. Since then I have received great feedback from him and others in the organisation which has really encouraged me to want to develop further.”

“Always wants what's best for the team, and that involves my development to help the cause”

“Couldn't ask for more. When support and encouragement is needed its there in abundance”


9.2 / 10

“I feel trusted completely to decide on how I approach my work. This freedom makes a very positive working environment that allows me to perform.”

“Freedom is brilliant and the trust they have that I am committed to my work how ever I carry it out is great”

Health & Wellbeing

8.9 / 10

“Vines have produced numerous tools and support recently I now think it's about being consistent with the support from our mental health first aiders”

“The staff are valued and that’s clear given the nice perks we have received. Well-being seems to be continually monitored in our company which is a really nice thing”

“Information is readily available and promoted to all members of staff. This is a credit to Vines and hugely refreshing approach to employees”

“Vines work with mental health is without doubt the best I have ever worked with. The other companies never mentioned it”

“Employees at Vines are treated as people, not numbers, or statistics. Their compassionate approach to an emergency or a change in circumstance is always treated with respect and understanding”