The Vines Group provides a diverse, high quality automotive brand including all combustion, hybrid and fully electric vehicles providing the opportunity to learn and work on a wide variety of vehicles of which is a strong advantage over other competitor automotive brands.

Originally I came across the Apprenticeship proposal online whilst on an apprentice/job website and was successfully able to apply via an online application.

The Apprenticeship involves the opportunity to experience a practical learning environment providing a 'hands on' approach to learning, as well as the opportunity to attend the BMW Group Academy; of which provides detailed theory in an in-depth lesson format to make you progress towards achieving the desired qualification or career path.

My favourite aspect of the Apprenticeship is the hands on approach working within the work environment; gaining respect from fellow colleagues and gaining independence gradually after shadowing a college or mentor for a variety of tasks.

Every week block you attend at the BMW Group Academy a progression test presented to every apprentice to track progress but the significant assessments are tested each year as you pass through the gateway. Coursework is also set by them, but it is pre-coursework in order to provide an understanding of an aspect or two in preparation of the detailed presentation of information at college every two months or so.